Spiritual Coaching empowers you to live from your innermost spiritual nature. With spiritual coaching, you can discover the keys for creating the life you were born to live. Many ask, “What is my purpose in life?” “Why was I created?” Spiritual coaching is a personal, inner growth. We will help you determine your spirit gifts given to you from the Lord. Spiritual gifts are spiritual abilities given by God for the purpose of building up the church. The church is NOT the building, but the church are God’s children.

Spiritual Gifts are from the Book of I Corinthians Chapter 12 and are listed as follows:

  1. Salvation; 2. Word of Wisdom; 3. Word of knowledge; 4. Faith; 5. Healing; 6. Miracles; 7. Prophecy; 8. Distinguishing of Spirits; 9. Tongues and 10. Interpretation of Tongues.
  2. Let us help you to find your purpose in the following areas: Serving; Teaching; Exhortation; Giving; Leading; Showing mercy from the Book of Romans Chapter 12.

Let me help you discover your Spiritual Gifts.