A Career Coach is defined as a person who guides another in planning and managing their career.

Many times clients come to a Career Coach feeling a lack of life direction or dissatisfaction with their career paths. Most of the time they feel that they are not living up to their potential or that something is missing from their profession. It has been shown that some people have a strong unconscious need to ruin their own success. This hidden desire to fail may be the result of unrecognized guilt and shame, as well as buried feelings of insignificance and/or lack of confidence.

Let us help your “DREAMS come true” by finding the career that you were created to do!!! If you find your passion, you’ll NEVER work again! It’s easy to DO what you were created to DO in life.

Everyone was NOT created to become a doctor nor an attorney. Many times as young children, our parents begin to speak these careers into our spirits. Although they mean no harm and only want the best for us, many young adults walk around confused about their career field.

Let us help you find your career field and your passion!!!

Everyone needs a Coach, whether you’re in the NFL, NBA, student, movie star or mom/dad!!!

A career coach can be an ideal source if you’re stuck in a rut, unemployed or simply need a change-a new direction.