Glass Ceiling……….. Let’s discuss………

Have you heard the metaphor “Glass Ceiling“? Let’s discuss…..

Have you ever heard the metaphor “Glass ceiling”???

It’s a term that describes an unseen, invisible, unbreakable barrier that is designed to keep minorities and/or women from rising to the top of the corporate ladder. It’s simply a barrier, a block, a hindrance………..regardless of one’s education background, qualifications nor achievements.

This barrier is designed to prevent women and/or minorities from obtaining and securing powerful, prestigious jobs in the workplace! It can make one feel as though they are NOT worthy to fill this type of position.

Do NOT allow it to discourage you nor to look at your skills, education, etc. as a waste of time! It just might be time for you to start looking around for a job/boss/company that appreciates YOU for who you ARE!!!

However, we understand that once you’ve been treated in this manner many times your self-esteem is extremely low; therefore, you would NOT interview well!!!

Here at The Real Life Coaching Center, we would love to work with you! We would first assist you with re-building your self esteem/confidence, we can assist you with your Resume and we would actually conduct practice Interviews with you!

We want you to know that you CAN BREAK THROUGH THAT GLASS CEILING TODAY!!! Let us help put you on that ladder……there’s nothing stopping you today but YOU!!!